How Dentists Can Increase Their Treatment Acceptance Rate

For a practice seeking to offer elective private treatments, the acceptance rate is vital. This will determine the percentage of patients who choose to proceed with their treatment plan. Some patients will be shopping around, but the majority of patients will have already decided that they want to go ahead with treatment therefore the right consultation and follow up process will ensure a strong take up rate for treatment.

Before the appointment even takes place, a practice needs to have done the foundational work. In addition to offering the desired treatment, a practice needs to have the right processes and marketing materials in place in order to attract and convert high quality patients. This will improve the conversion rate. Staff need to be trained fully in dealing with new patients and ensuring that their questions are answered efficiently.

Some patients will look for patient reviews and information about the treatment, in addition to before and after photographs. A practice should therefore take the time to build up patient reviews, and categorise these by treatment type. A photo gallery should be available online and in the practice waiting room, showing before and after smile transformations. The photo gallery should be categorised by dental concern and the results after treatment completion. For example a patient with crowded teeth will want to look at before and after images for crowded teeth, or crooked teeth, or bite concerns or gaps etc. They want to be able to relate to the treatment and see how it could benefit them. For high price treatments such as Invisalign Fort Wayne which costs between $5,000 – $8,000 on average, patients want to see tangible benefits that will solve their problems. They are looking for a new level of confidence.

The appointment should address all of their questions and more, and they should be enabled to preview their new smile where possible through the use of digital smile simulation. This will increase acceptance rates greatly. If a patient has questions, they should be answered fully at this appointment. A demonstration can also be given with video or samples to further facilitate understanding.

The dental care team should also follow set processes for patient check in and check out, including follow up and provision of treatment plan. The treatment plan should provide a full quotation for treatment and information should be provided for monthly payment plans if these options are offered by the practice.

Payment options are important and further increase acceptance rates for private dentistry treatments as not all patients are in a position to pay upfront. If medical or dental insurance can be used towards the cost of treatment, then this should be explained and helpful staff can also liaise with an insurance company on behalf of the patient. By following these processes practices have greatly increased and in some instances doubled their patient acceptance rates.

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Aimee Sharp